Here at Duvall Drugs, we strive to provide the best for our customers through the safest means and in the most time efficient manner. Just one of the many ways we do this is through a robot! Yes, that’s right, a robot.

Meet Parata, a 12 square foot robot dispensing system that selects a vial, counts, caps and sorts a prescription in just 20 seconds! Relying on NDC bar coding for medication matching, Parata provides a safe, efficient, and convenient alternative to manual filling, allowing for the pharmacists and technicians at Duvall Drugs to better serve and meet your needs. With over 99.8% accuracy and over 200 medication cells, we are confident in the dispensing system and are even more available for YOUR questions and concerns! Parata allows for pharmacists to focus even more on potential drug interactions, counseling, and other patient care needs. It provides an improved, standardized workflow and minimizes time spent locating and counting the most commonly dispensed medications. At 25 tablets counted per second, it reduces your wait time and improves customer satisfaction overall. This robotic dispensing system keeps Duvall Drugs up to date in technological advancements and enables us to remain above the competition. It reduces cost per prescription and increases the capacity of the pharmacy without the need for additional hiring.

Parata takes us just another step closer to keeping our time and focus on our priority, which is YOU. Here at Duvall Drugs, your health really is our main concern!


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