Your Role In Safe Medication Use

prescriptionMedications can relieve pain, they can wipe out that hacking cough, and they can cure diseases. They can dry up the nasty stuff that pours out of our nose and they can give us just what we need to help make it through the day IF they are used properly. This includes receiving the right medication, in the right amount, at the right time. We, at Duvall Drugs, vow to ensure that each person receives the quality care they deserve. As a patient or family member, you are a part of our healthcare team. And as much as you trust us, along with your healthcare provider, you owe it to yourself and your family to learn as much as possible about safe medication use. Here are some things you can do to ensure quality care for you and your family:

  1. Find out EVERYTHING you can about the medication you are being prescribed. Listen to your doctor. If you still have questions, ask us! We’ll be glad to help you!
  2. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS! If you are told to drink lots of water with this medication, then drink lots of water. If you are told to limit sun exposure for the duration of your therapy, then try and focus on more indoor activities over the next few days.
  3. Take you medication EXACTLY how it is prescribed. In some cases, you can stop taking your medication as soon as your symptoms go away. In other cases, you must complete the course of therapy even if you’re feeling much better.
  4. Make sure we know about ANY allergies you may have or ANY herbal therapies you are taking.
  5. Pharmacies are great sources for information. Try and limit your medications to ONE pharmacy so you can get to know your pharmacist and we can get to know you.
  6. Recheck the label each time you take it. NEVER take medications in the dark.
  7. If you take a new medication and develop itching or swelling or if you have trouble breathing, get medical help IMMEDIATELY!
  8. Last but not least, before you leave the pharmacy, open the bag and double check the medication and make sure that you received the RIGHT product. Read the label and make sure YOUR name is the name on the bottle. If it’s a refill, make sure the medication looks the SAME way it looked last time. If it doesn’t, don’t hesitate. Call or ask us before you take any!

“Your Health is Our Main Concern”

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